Rooted in a long tradition of advancing an ever-expanding view of civil rights in America, the New World Foundation strengthens community-based organizations and local leadership. As a national community foundation, we work from the bottom up to build coalitions around issues that converge in place, creating alliances locally and building movements nationally.

Building & Sustaining Inclusive Democracy

NWF has connected advocacy and policy to the grassroots since 1954. For close to 60 years, the Foundation has built new political power from the ground up. Our investments in the civil rights and anti-apartheid movements helped to create a more fair and equal society. Since our founding, we have been guided by a belief in an inclusive democracy that advances environmental safety, economic equality, immigrants’ rights, access to education, and democratic participation. Today, these priorities remain at the heart of our vision for a more just democracy.

  • Of the People: The Politics of Place

    NWF has invested millions in supporting organizations at the grassroots. Our on-the-ground approach allows us to be nimble and flexible in response to evolving issues while making long-term investments that produce transformational results. By targeting issues where they converge “in place”, NWF connects leaders working on poverty, education, the environment, and other issues to build local bases and national movement capacity.

  • For the People: Building New Power from the Grassroots

    We value the essential truth that the people who suffer injustice are crucial to overcoming it. NWF’s expert program officers and diverse Board come from the allied organizations we serve. Our on-the-ground relationships and deep issue expertise allow us to build strong alliances and identify key opportunities for change where change is possible. We invest in people who come from — and can most effectively represent — communities of need. By investing in local leaders as well as networks, NWF builds strong, lasting infrastructure and power that transcends any single person or issue.

  • By the People: Sustained Investment, Strategic Collaboration

    NWF’s achievements affirm the efficacy of a long-term vision. NWF tests and incubates programs over many years, producing dramatic results through targeted and sustained annual investments over time. We multiply the impact of these investments through collaborative funds that draw additional support from individual donors, foundations, and Donor-Advised Funds.