Julia Goodridge


Julie Goodridge is the CEO and founder of Boston-based NorthStar Asset Management, Inc.

For three decades, Julie has been a leader in socially responsible and sustainable investing, focusing on issues of race and gender, economic inequality, human rights, environmental justice, health, and safety, and corporate governance. Under Julie’s leadership, NorthStar has penned groundbreaking shareholder resolutions to expand shareholder voting rights, to adopt universal principles such as the human right to water, and to address equal employment opportunities and compensation inequities.

Julie’s commitment to creating change extends far beyond shareholder activism. As a lead plaintiff, Julie made history when Goodridge vs. the Massachusetts Department of Public Health became the first court case to establish LGBT equal marriage rights in the United States. Chairwoman of the New World Foundation board and has been on the board for over 15 years; is a trustee of the Hyams foundation, a foundation focused on racial justice in Boston; has appeared on CNBC, WGBH, NECN, and all major networks discussing shareholder activism, equal marriage, and SRI; has received awards from the Human Rights Campaign, the Boston Women’s Fund, the Unitarian Universalist Association, and the Harvard University LGBT alliance; and was acknowledged by The American Banker as one of the top 25 most powerful women in finance in 2014.