Julia Goodridge

Vice Chair

Julie Goodridge is CEO and Founder of NorthStar Asset Management, Inc., a wealth management company based in Boston, Massachusetts. NorthStar invests assets for individuals and institutions with an interest in socially responsible investing, shareholder activism, and profit. NorthStar has created numerous shareholder resolutions asking companies to create policies that uphold publically stated corporate values with the aim of enhancing corporate performance. NorthStar began shareholder engagement in 2000 with a focus on subprime lending. Since that time NorthStar has, through the proxy process, negotiated human right to water policies at Pepsi, Connecticut Water, Intel, Proctor and Gamble; extended protections for LGBT employees at numerous companies, including domestic partner and spousal benefits at FedEx. NorthStar is currently focused on corporate political contributions, and their intersection and divergence from corporate policies on LGBT protections, immigration and other public policy issues. Goodridge was the lead plaintiff in the legal case, Goodridge v. Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health, winning marriage rights for same sex couples in Massachusetts. She holds a B.A. from Boston University and an Ed.M. from Harvard University.