Reaching for Inclusive Democracy 1990-Today

In 1994, New World Foundation evolved from a private national foundation to a public charity in order to galvanize a consortium of funders to influence public policy with a strong emphasis on local, state and national change.

In expanding our own grantmaking capacity, NWF reached greater scale in its support of a new generation of civil rights activism, multi-issue community organizing and encouraged increased network and coalition building. The goal as always: inclusive democracy.

During this time, NWF retained its long-term state and regional approach with a strong emphasis in the South (from Mississippi to Kentucky), and the West, with a concentration on California, the 7th largest economy in the world. Our two-fold goal: local victories through increasingly powerful organizations, and movement nationally toward critical mass to challenge the power of the Conservative assault on progressive public policy.

Today, NWF continues to invest in democracy building and supporting inclusive and democratic rights from the ground up.

Together with our grantees, we are developing new methods and strategies to respond to today’s threats. Increasingly, we are supporting groups with funding and strategic advice to build organizational capacity, leadership, policy alternatives and new alliances for social change. Our staff is in the field meeting activists to facilitate these goals through sharp coordinated conversations and participatory strategies.

Staying true to our heritage, we continue to support local community activists and encourage philanthropic partners to make grants and long-term commitments in a similar fashion.