gearsWorking with the New World Foundation

Our work is more effective when we join together with partner foundations and donors who share the same priorities. As a public charity, NWF is a national consortium of funders aiming to influence public policy with a strong emphasis on local, state and national change. Individuals, families and Foundations benefit from our expert program officers and diverse Board who use their on-the-ground relationships and deep issue experience to identify key opportunities in planning and executing a program of giving. We are well positioned to create and develop customized philanthropic strategies, investment plans, and overall foundation management. Read more about NWF’s Impact Partnerships with other Foundations here. NWF also joins with other funders in the following ways:

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds enable donors to make long-term commitments to specific programmatic goals and represent an important resource that calls for both good stewardship and careful strategic planning. NWF staff meets with donors regularly to clarify their priorities and refine grant recommendations accordingly. NWF manages all government paperwork and private accounting recordkeeping for the fund, while offering belowmarket administrative costs to the donor.

New Fund Development

When new donors or small foundations are in start-up phase or re-thinking their agendas, NWF staff will work with individuals, families and Boards to evaluate past performance, assess current goals, and explore funding opportunities.

Funder Education: Seminars & Workshops

NWF is committed to funder education and we organize frequent seminars and workshops on topics like education and community development, political participation and state-based power building, the changing economy and the role of government, global environmental justice, progressive media strategies, and nonprofit leadership development. These programs bring together outside experts, NWF staff and like-minded donors for mutually beneficial explorations of politics and strategy. These seminar series offer a productive forum for diverse stakeholders to join around a funding area, and the funder education seminar and workshops often lead to substantial publications, collaborative funds, and long-term donor relationships that maximize social change impact.